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  • Student Counsel 2019-2020
    Ms. Bicknell, President Challen B. VP. Kassidy W., Publicity Chair Jordyn M. Secretary Layla M. Mrs. Brown
  • Safety Patrol 2019-2020
    Pining ceremony of our patrol team.
Mission & Vision
Our mission at Niblack Elementary School is to provide a learning experience that will allow our students to excel in all areas of life. We aim for an atmosphere of cooperation, with respect for individual differences that is conducive to success. We strive for active engagement from our parents, teachers, staff and community members.

At Niblack Elementary School, we are committed to the academic, physical, and social development of our students. We are a community school that strives to create a union among staff, students, parents, community members and business partners that will ensure quality education for the students we serve. We expect all of our students to achieve and maintain high educational standards.
Mrs. Ivery - Principal

Ms. Kelly - Front Office
Phone: (386) 755-8200
Fax: (386) 755-8218

Mrs. Sanders
Behavioral Specialist

Ms. Bicknell - Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Wiggins - Instructional Coach

Mrs. N. James - CRT/ Title I

Mrs. Kelsey - School Nurse
(386) 755-8205
Accelerated Reader
School Advisory Council Information
School Improvement Plans


8 months ago

Car Riders

All car riders are to be dropped off behind the school.

For your child's safety please DO NOT drop students off before 7:00 am.

The car rider's gate closes at 7:40 a.m.
For student safety please do not drop-off students at the front office or walker gate, their safety is our priority.
If a student is running late, please remember that you must come into the office and sign them in.


All walkers come in through the walker's gate.
For your child's safety please DO NOT drop off or pick-up students at the walker's gate, please drive to the car riders area.
The walker's gate closes at 7:40.
Hot breakfast is served from 7:00 - 7:30 am. 
Bag breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8:30 am.
Please be on time to have a hot breakfast.
Niblack's SPAR report is available by clicking on  Niblack's SPAR Report
  1. Select the District "Columbia" 
  2. Select the School "Niblack"
  3.  Click "Run"
School Grade
To view our school grade please visit Niblack's School Grade
Select Niblack from the drop-down menu.
To hear the beautiful sounds from our Music Department: 

    Always remember that...

Safe Schools

8 months ago

Bullying Form

When someone says or does something 
unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that's        
When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once, that's
When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it-even when you tell them to stop or show them that you're upset-that's


Red and black bullying stops here sign on a white background Stock Photo - 12586736

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Department of Children and Family Services

Abuse Hotline


The Florida Abuse Hotline accepts reports of known or suspected child abuse, neglect or abandonment, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.